About BDP Elements

boxtopThe Best Design Plugin for WordPress (BDP) is a Suite of design plugins that aims at helping the non-technical, non-coding user to insert design elements into their website through the use of a visual interface. It also assists experience coders and designers to design faster and more effective.

Each element of BDP is a plugin in its own right, and each element is aimed at creating and inserting proper CSS and HTML code into your site through the use of a visual wordPress interface. (In the WYSIWYG / “What You See Is What You Get” editor).

Creating these elements as individual components as well as a Suite allows the user to select which components they need today or which they will need in future and structure their purchases and addons in a way which will work best for them.

BDP is not a theme and it is not a site builder nor a block editor. It does not take the drag and drop approach to building as the development if design elements on pages is very specific. To create highly visual effects such as layouts with borders and shadows, JQuery type bullets, floating boxes, Content boxes, headers and much more take very high coding requirements and for that purpose BDP aims at allowing the user to use their WordPress knowledge to design

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robot2The Best Design Plugin is one of the, if not the most complete WordPress design plugins available on the market. as a complete Suite it is ever evolving and adding more and more features and components to keep on increasing the value to our clients.

Each feature or element of the Suite can be purchased as a Stand alone component or the Suite can be purchased as a whole, giving access to all the features as well as future added features. All basic features aims at creating a form of Visual aplication that adds formatting or code to your pages, posts and on page elements. This makes sure that your website coding not only look sprofessional on the frontend, but also that the code that it is made up of is optimized and reflects a high end coded site.

Packed with features that makes everything relating to on-page design happen through the click of your mouse, it turns even beginners into professional designers. All of the different features are accessible through the TinyMCE update within the kitchen sink and it adds a new design bar at the top of posts and pages making editing quick and easy through a visual editor. The pop-up from each feature gives the user the ability to tap into functionality of CSS, JQuery, JavaScript and Html through a visual editor.

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The following are the details pertaining to purchases

  • Pricing is structured in such a way that it will suit your personal needs.
  • Should you wish to purchase individual elements please select the feature you are looking for under the “Features” submenu’s. Each element is individually priced as well.
  • All Payments are completed through Paypal.
  • Payments are once off.
  • Refunds for purchases are guaranteed for 30 days after purchase.
  • Once you have completed payment you will get access to the membership area.
  • Software, Training, Licensing and other content is available in the member’s area.
  • Upgrading can be done from the members area.
  • Lifetime Support is available with your purchase.




Prices are constantly reviewed and WILL increase soon!

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